Taking Stock 3


Making: Plans for the new year (last minute I know)

Cooking: Chicken biryani (didn’t turn out so great) 

Drinking: Leys just say I have started appreciating wine 

Reading: Oscar Wilde poems 

Wanting: To hike more but I don’t see it happening soon.

Playing: Candy crush (yes I have accepted I may have a problem lol)

Wasting: No more time. So much to do.

Sewing: How about-planning to learn to crotchet?

Wishing: This year turns out great or better than the previous one.

Enjoying: This self confidence I have achieved.

Waiting: Patiently for that certification.

Liking: This healthy bug that has gotten into me.

Wondering: How I will keep up with everything I am planning. 

Loving: My face. I have just realized it has less spots comparing with old photos. Yaay!

Hoping: To find a way to get over this loss that I experienced. 

Marveling: God’s capacity to forgive us.

Needing: My cup of coffee for the day.

Smelling: This delicious banana cake my mom just made.

Wearing: More skirts and dresses than I am used to.

Following: More food blogs.

Noticing: It’s already February! 

Knowing: At times you have no power but to let things take their course.

Thinking: A lot of things in my mind. 

Feeling: Kinda low every time I think of my dad. 

Bookmarking: More articles on self growth.

Opening: More accounting books than I have in a while.

Giggling: To this funny clip I was sent. Too funny lol. 

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