To New Experiences ✨

Hmm well I started going to the gym last week. It was a new feeling of tiredness.

I kept asking myself why Joanna? ‘Fine the big tummy is a no but still..’ 

It’s been a challenge everyday. This first week I mostly did it because we were going with my friend. 

Then came Monday and my friend couldn’t make it. I almost missed but thank God I didn’t. I worked hardest. I had sweat dripping all over and I never sweat. 

Since I did not have a ride, I walked from the gym through Uhuru Park to the stage. It was breathtaking. I finally saw the lake people ride the boats. Don’t get me wrong I was scared seeing as it was around 7 pm and in unfamiliar territory but once I got over it, I truly enjoyed that walk. It made me even think of writing again. 

So am now getting the hang of the gym. Let’s hope I stick to it. I’ll share the results once the tummy goes. 😊

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