… It’s still painful 

  Loss is a great pain and many people are never the same especially after losing someone you love. 

As I write this I am at a point of tears since just by thinking about you makes me have to confront the truth that you are no longer alive. I have been procrastinating this for so long but I can’t anymore.  

We grew up together and for the most part you were my big brother. You took care of me. I remember whenever you dropped me after nursery school you always carried me on your neck n you did the same for my brother as well and for your baby girl as well. My thoughts and words may not make sense to many because at the moment they is no train of thought am following. 

Chuma you will always have a special place in my heart. You had such high expectations for me and I hope to live up to them. There is no longer a person that calls me ‘Eve’ anymore. 

I remember the talks we used to have about everything and anything. As much as people kept pointing on your faults, you were good to me and that’s how I want to remember you. 

I still don’t believe you are gone and maybe one day I will have the strength to finish this tribute.

Love you to the moon and back. 

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2 Responses to … It’s still painful 

  1. msgitau says:

    Sorry for your loss dearie, may his soul rest in peace

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