Taking Stock







As much as I had decided to be doing this monthly, my laziness got the bst of me 😦

oh well here goes…

Making: Sure that I start doing this religiously seeing as this is a good way to audit myself.

Cooking: Hmm I am discovering new recipes I just havent found the time to practise.

Drinking: Less water than I should be .

Reading: Just finished reading ‘Its not how good you are, its how good you want to be’.

Wanting: For this heat to end.

Playing: Candy crush as always 🙂 level 345

Wasting: too much time on this game.

Sewing: Um I did sew a loose a button.

Wishing: For more time to do all the stuff am planning for this year.

Enjoying: Spending time with our youngest cousin. She is just precious till she screams her heart out 🙂

Waiting: For those dreaded exam results. Talk of butterflies.

Liking: My new hair colour.

Wondering: Am I the only one feeling this heat??

Loving: My new heels that I got at Levi’s store.

Hoping: To build up on my shoe collection.

Marveling: At God’s infinite love everyday.

Needing: Some ice cream right about now.

Smelling: That bubble gum flavoured ice cream (I seriously need to me some).

Wearing: More skirts and dresses.

Following: People on instagram (I finally got with it).

Noticing: I am getting thick.

Knowing: In life you are the only one responsible for your happiness 🙂

Thinking: I need to write more often.

Feeling: Meh

Bookmarking: Self improvement pages.

Opening: more motivational books

Giggling: to the faces Jamila makes

Feeling: like I can conquer the world – it all starts with a  positive attitude 🙂






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