21st century’s problems

“I can’t believe these feelings are back. I thought I was done with them.”
Those were the sentiments that were going through her mind. For some time now she was contemplating a lot of old feelings. Feelings of self loathing, lack of self worth. “I thought I dealt with all these,” she kept on pondering.
This is a story of a lady who learnt the hard way that life is not a bed of roses at a tender age. She grew up in a household where the parents fought almost every day not knowing it was affecting her. It made her lose her confidence and most importantly swear off men.
Come years later and she is all grown up. A beautiful young girl who turned heads when she walked. She suppressed all those old feelings and to everyone’s eyes she was perfect.
As much as she had sworn off men her age and hormones spoke a different language. She met the first man that lavished her with all the right words that she missed out while growing up. Without much thought she let him inside that barrier that she had built around herself only for the man to disappoint her.
That has been her life disappointment after disappointment. Is it that she gives in too easily? Is she looking for something in the wrong people? Too too many questions.

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2 Responses to 21st century’s problems

  1. msgitau says:

    Tell her to make herself a priority… To stop investing resources especially time on people who aren’t worth it, to let go off people who don’t want to be held,to stop loving because she is lonely but instead give herself time till she is ready …meanwhile she can start falling in love with taking care of herself body mind and spirit ..tell her that a happy life isn’t about chasing a man or even HAVING a man but being the best woman she can be 😘😘

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