The nightmare called ‘BodaBoda”

I have always loved motorcycles at one point I had even imagined myself owning one. They are fast, beautiful and there is just something hot about them. I would imagine myself getting out of one with my leather jacket and my braids falling off when I remove the helmet (since I don’t have such long hair).

This was until these ‘bodabodas’ flocked into town. The drivers are reckless, they drive on the wrong side, they don’t pay attention to the street lights. I find myself cursing them every time I encounter them. They need to decide whether they will follow pedestrians rules or vehicles.

I hate how when crossing the road and the cars have stopped since we have the right of way then in the middle of crossing there comes a ‘bodaboda’ hooting at you. i feel like yelling, “its my turn to cross!” I mean, I waited for my chance to cross so why are you hooting at me?

They also have a tendency to pass through the wrong side of the street. So there you are knowing that the oncoming traffic is from the left or the right then you are blindsided by a ‘bodaboda’ coming from a different direction.

I believe something need to be done to control these menace. Its a danger to all road users from the riders and their clients to the pedestrians and the vehicle drivers as well. I watched a story on the news of the ‘bodaboda’ riders in Rwanda. These guys follow the traffic lights and they have helmets for their clients. I think we should borrow a leaf from our neighbours.

In the meantime, I hope they will not ruin my dream of one day riding my bike 🙂

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