Taking Stock

I got this idea on http://www.thisisess.com by Sharon Mundia. She encouraged people to try it out so I decided why not 🙂

So here goes:

Making: Plans for the next half of the year (heard its never too late to make plans for the year)

Cooking: Um nothing at the moment. I have become lazy in this area and the irony is that I am reading more recipes.

Drinking: more water than I used to oh plus and getting accustomed to the taste of wine 🙂

Reading: How to win friends and influence people though I have been lazy, blame it on e-books. Guess I prefer physical book, talk of old school

Wanting: a nice dress and heels

Playing: candy crush and farm heroes, am hooked 🙂

Wasting: too much time on these games. I need to quit.

Sewing: does it count that am planning to learn how to crotchet? :p

Wishing: alot of things starting with getting this big pimple on my face to disappear.

Enjoying: every minute  I get to wake up healthy

Waiting: for Monday to be over 😦 lets just say I need a vacation soon!

Liking: this new found positive outlook on life I have embraced

Wondering: how long this outlook will last 🙂 I am a Gemini (double personalities)

Loving: my nails..they have never looked this good am even afraid I may have jinxed them

Hoping: this new love affair grows stronger with each day

Marveling: at how time seems to move

Needing: some time to relax.. I feel like I never get time to just bum

Smelling: more flowers 🙂 the good thing about the rainy season

Wearing: More jackets. We need to keep warm oh and more dresses 🙂

Following: more styling blogs ( I have been slacking off)

Noticing: I use a lot of smileys 🙂

Knowing: In life you are the only one responsible for your happiness 🙂

Thinking: I need to revise on my paper and stop procrastinating

Feeling: great 🙂

Bookmarking: pages with my kind of activities; I need to do a hike soon

Opening: that German book ( I need to read for that exam)

Giggling: silly like a school girl to his text messages

Feeling: like I can conquer the world – it all starts with a  positive attitude 🙂






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